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Flash, my 4 legged best friend


Today, my whole world came crashing down. I lost my buddy Flash this morning at 9:45am, his heart stopped beating the moment we ran into the vet.

Is this part of God's plan?
To take away my best friend when I needed him the most?
Help me believe that he's in a better place now.

Here's smth a wrote for him:

Dear Flash,

Thank you for bringing so much joy & laughter to our family. You helped show the young kids like Ash & Tasha that dogs aren't that scary. You made my family realize that a four legged companion isn't just a dog but a friend, a buddy, family.

We're gonna miss how much you love to tan yourself in the afternoon sun, how you give us the cheeky but guilty face if you did smth wrong, how excitedly you'll greet each one of us no matter how long you've been tied up.

No dog is gonna be like you. We cannot express how proud we are when we take you out on walks and you can easily bite your own lesh to walk beside us.

Your quirky habits of needing to sleep in both mama/papa's room and ours each night. How you would do anything for food.

Who's gonna be there for me when I sit at the porch to cry when I feel like no understands? Who's gonna be the happiest person to see me each time I'm home? Who's gonna lie down on the living room floor with me and be my pillow?

I'm never ever gonna forget you Flash. You were more than my best friend. No amount of words can describe how thankful I am to have been able to be a part of your life. I hope you've been happy. I love you soooo much <3

You'll always be dearly missed,

He knew when it was his last few moments on earth. Flash walked into our room to lie down at ALL his usual places, next to our wardrobe, under my study table, at the foot of my ladder, mom/dad's room where his bed was. He even walked to his corner to sit before struggling to go under the table at the porch where he stumbled and I started to cry as I feared the worst was coming.

Gab & I sat with him in the boot as he struggled for his last few breaths. We kept asking him to hang on and we could see him trying to hard to catch each breath. It was so painful to watch as tears flowed down our faces non-stop.

On behalf of all the ppl that have met you and loved you, thank you Flash dear for giving us more love than we could ever give you.


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