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Year 3

I just spent the last couple of hours reading through all my previous entries and they just brought back so many memories. Crazy how I started this blog/journal back in 2008 and now I can still relate to each post I published online.

Third year of uni has just about started with week 2 coming to an end. I want to be more sure of the future path I will take so I figured blogging in this space could perhaps help me think out loud and figure what kind of direction would be best. Everyone seems to already have a plan for their future and I am feeling so lost because I really have not decided on what I would like to achieve/do after graduation. Ideally, I would like to be able to do Honours since it is super competitive back in Singapore. I need to gain an upper hand/additional edge if my competitors come from the more well recognised Universities.

Internships never seem to be that crucial for my degree choice in Communications but man was I wrong. People around me were doing things to make their CV look attractive or had already done internships in the past. This was a huge reality check for me as I was definitely lacking behind. In addition, this semester had me taking on four level 3 units for my two majors (Anthropology & Communications). The units are all content and project heavy which probably makes this semester my toughest one. Gonna try and make full use of this space whenever I can to practice writing (even if they are just random spiels) and try to decide on what I feel passionate about. Do I want to write for a magazine or paper, do I want to do more promotional work and advertising through media etc.

I believe that God always has a plan for me but He gave us free will and it is also very much up to me do make informed decisions for my own life. There is only so much He can guide me through.

I know for sure that I have to push myself super hard this semester and work hard to step out of my comfort zones, speak out and be productive. Here's to doing my best in every task and being proud of my own contributions!!! 



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