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Random ramblings~

So its the end of exams and the first semester of uni! Not sure how I feel about all the papers though. I probably should have managed my time better during the papers though and I definitely need to be able to write faster. I was pretty clueless as to how the standard exam procedures were during my first paper. Luckily Ethel was around to helped me out and Pearl & Annabel briefed me before! We were only allowed to bring in clear cases for our stationary and most people had them in ziplock bags or they just grabbed a couple of pens in. Water bottles also could not have any kind of pattern or words on them and regular plastic ones had to have their labels taken off as well. Of course the most important item was our campus card. I guess I was pretty lucky with my timetable as I finished 4 papers in 3 days and they were not scheduled back to back. However, my anthropology and marketing paper was at the same time so I had to take one paper at 9 and the other one at 4. By the time I finished my marketing, I was really tired and pretty much brain dead. 

After the first 30mins or 1 hour, students usually could leave the exam venue and when they did, I would almost always stop writing and just watch them leave the room... Which obviously isn't a very smart thing to do when I am already a slow writer. But when more people leave, I get crazy panicky and all. I would have to learn how to maintain my composure and focus better even if I'm the last few people that choose to stay for the entire exam duration. A guy from Ethel's college said results are out for our anthropology essays and I'm quite unsure if I want to go check it now. At least not anytime soon.

Ethel's flying back today and I think I'm gonna miss her quite a bit since we see each other almost everyday since the semester started in July ;( I just read 'The perks of being a wallflower' by Stephen Chbosky and I really enjoyed the book! I didn't really get the part way he was actually sexually abused by his Aunt Helen though... I got that he had a difficult childhood but I was not able to pick up that his aunt was the one. This probably means that I need to read it again. The reason I sped through it was that Pauly and I are going to catch the movie tmr after church and I always like to read beforehand. If anyone is looking for something new to read over the summer, I would recommend Perks! It makes one reflect about our own growing up experience and how they shaped the person we are today. The movie was directed by the author himself so I'm looking forward to how he translated it into a film. The cast include well known names like Emma Watson (I LOVE HER!!), Logan Lerman (from the Percy Jackson movie), Ezra Miller and there's also Nina Dobrev amongst others! 
My copy has this cover and I liked how it's pretty and unique ;D



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