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Starting afresh~

Blogging from Perth, Western Australia!!

This marks the start of a new chapter in my life. Where University starts in a completely new environment, new country, new family and of course new experiences. So far the people around me have been really friendly and supportive. Big thank you to the Tan family for opening up their home for me to stay during the course of my education here. Really really grateful to them :) Decided to update this livejournal and see where it takes me. 

I came over to Perth on 17 July 2012 so its been almost 2 months and I guess it's safe to say that I've kinda gotten used to life here. There are times where I feel really lonely and lost without my family and friends, but then again I'm super glad I have Aunty Pat, Pauly, Pam & Ash. They make feel like I'm part of the family and always ask me if I'm doing alright. They are sooooo nice that I feel really bad for imposing on them like that and can never seem to do anything to show how grateful I am. The best thing that I can do is the washing of dishes. Hahah. Like thats the only thing I have confidence in doing well and not fear that I'll mess up! So whenever I come across anything in the basin, I'll wash it up. 

To be honest, uni hasn't been easy and I'm still trying to get through everyday by doing my best. Thank God for letting me know  awesome people like Ethel and Pearl!! They are the nicest girls and I seriously would not have survived till today if not for them. We're all doing different majors but Ethel and I have Communications and Anthropology lectures together. We meet each other almost everyday to have lunch, study or just hang out in uni. Recently, we've been meeting up to run as well ;)

Ethel, Pearl & me~

Although we've only known each other recently, I can confidently say that we'll be friends for a really long time to come. It's like we're all different and yet similar in so many ways. 

I can't wait to go back to Singapore because I miss my Omma, Papa, Gab, Blaine, Ah ma & all my relatives. Especially the little kiddos. Of course, the Sjc girls and my Ij friends as well. Plussss, the food!!! Oh myyyyy, I miss all the cheap and good food we have back home!! Eating out is crazy expensive here and most places close by 7pm. BUT! I definitely need to watch what I eat because I've been reminded by my relatives that I look like I've gained weight here T.T Zzzzz, the constant battle with the weighing scale... 

As a result, I've been trying hard to exercise regularly, drink more water and portion my meals whenever I can. Of course, keeping fit is also another factor. 
Took this in Ethel's dorm room while she went to shower after our run.

Mid sem break is here and finally we can relax a little and catch up on content while working on the assignments we have due in the following weeks >.>

Need to learn to count my blessings and trust in God more.




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